My Name is Charles McGregor

I am a game developer, programmer, musician, and artist.


3 pillars that define what drives me


Unity Developer with over 10 years of programming experience. Developer for a wide range of platforms from Web to Mobile to Virtual Reality.


Award winning musician and producer. Crafting tracks from a multitude of genres with emphasis on Electronic, Hip-hop, and Jazz.


Digital and Traditional artist. Creating UI/UX, Character Illustration, Graphic Design, and Animations in a variety of styles.

9 Projects
4 Finished
2 Shipped


The latest projects that I am working on.



Language Learning App

Language Learning App

ASD Game Dev

ASD Game Dev


My sporadic thoughts and updates on the many projects that I work on.

Bringing Sara to Life

PHEW! Finally, after so much happening during these past 2 weeks it is finally over! I have been working nonstop on multiple projects as mentioned previously. B...

Gamer’s Rhapsody 2016

As I mentioned in my previous post, I attended Gamer’s Rhapsody 2016! The convention is only 3 years old and I have attended all 3, this is my 2nd year showca...

Struggles With Time Management

It’s been a while… To say that I have been extremely busy this past month would be a massive understatement. I have been prepping for Gamer’s Rhapsody, a ...

Showcasing Game Development

Phew! It has been one intense week. I have been extremely busy so I sadly didn’t get that much time to work on my newest project (I really need to come up wit...