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Struggles With Time Management

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It’s been a while… To say that I have been extremely busy this past month would be a massive understatement. I have been prepping for Gamer’s Rhapsody, a convention in Minneapolis. I have been getting Fingeance and anti|piracy ready. On top of that I have been swamped with tons of different projects, all at once. So, I am trying to balance multiple projects and tasks wrestling with Time management. And I have been struggling to strike that perfect balance with both.

Master of Time Management

When people find out that I have been working on many different projects all at once, I often hear, “You must be really good at time management!”. The trick is to fool everyone into thinking you are better at it then you are. If anything, I am decent at time management. I do try my hardest to section out time for each project, set milestones and deadlines that I want to hit, and follow some VERY loose schedules. But this tends to ebb and flow depending on the projects that I have or the amount of high priority projects with impending deadlines.

But I may have bit off more than I can chew.

Normally, I am super busy, but I can manage it. I will figure out a way to balance out each of the things that I must do or (which typically happens) cram for each project at the last minute. This time is different. This time I might have way too many things going at once that are all tremendously time consuming.

So, as a PSA to everyone reading who has problems with time management and balancing everything they do.

It’s ok to say no.

You probably have heard this and even as I typed that I found myself rolling my eyes as I have heard that. But it is something that I seriously need to listen to and follow. And if you are having issues with that, maybe think about that statement when someone approaches you with a new idea or project. I am going to try and think about that as well.

Portfolio Inspiration

To get more focused and more motivated on the projects that I have on hand, I plan to update this website and portfolio. It has been a WIP for a while now and I have neglected to work on it for various reasons but I think that I should get back to updating the site to improve navigation and finish parts of it.

One way of getting inspired (and fulfilling a class requirement!) is to look at other portfolios that are like what I want out of mine. The problem is that I have a wide gambit of things that I want to showcase here, but that shouldn’t stop me from looking! Here’s a list of some that I found particularly interesting:

Robby Leonardi

Standalone 3D

What about that other project you’re working on?

Right… So, this project has been given the shaft these past few weeks, tragically so. Because I have been super stressed over all the other projects that I’m working on. Well, that should change drastically after Gamer’s Rhapsody is over. I have not stopped working on this! I really want to see this through till the end.

To follow my escapades at Gamer’s Rhapsody, follow my Twitter: @DarkaysTG. I may be taking part in the Midwest Game Jam that is being held during the convention.